Sailing Instructions for TSC club racing

Last updated on 12th Febraury 2002

1 Rules
1.0 Racing will take place under the current ISAF racing rules, the prescriptions of the RYA, these sailing instructions and the appropriate class rules. Where there is a conflict these sailing instructions take precedence.
2 Conditions of entry
2.0 The safety of a yacht and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner/competitor racing the yacht. The establishment of these instructions in no way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner/competitor for his crew, yacht and the management thereof.
2.1 Entries for club races must be made in the Race Officer's box before the start of racing. If two races are to be sailed consecutively then all competitors entering the first race will automatically be entered into consecutive races
3 Safety
3.0 For dinghy racing adequate personal buoyancy must be worn at all times when afloat. Wet suits and dry suits do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy.
3.1 All competitors competing in the dinghy winter series must wear a wet suit or dry suit. Competitors are reminded that the water can also be cold at other times and it is their responsibity to ensure that they and their crew are wearing suitable clothing.
3.2 No dinghy racing will take place unless a rescue boat is adequately manned.
4 Communications
4.0 Notice to competitors will be posted on the official notice board, which is located in the club house. Changes in sailing instructions will either be posted on the official notice board 1 week before they apply indicating when they will apply from, or alternatively may be posted on the course board at least 20 minutes before the start of the race. If changes are posted on the course board this will be indicated by flying flag L from the mast on the Race Officer's box.
5 Schedule of races.
5.0 The start time of the first race will be as indicated in the club program. The Race officer may choose to run a second race, if conditions allow, by indicating this on the course board prior to the start of the first race. The second race will start as soon as possible after the first race has finished and this may be before other fleets have finished.
6 Course
6.0 Course instructions and the schedule of starts will be posted on the course board, which is located below the Race Officers starting box. Where there is a conflict between a line diagram of a course and a list of marks on the course, the latter shall take precedence.
6.1 At all times when racing, boats must keep outside of the reservoir for Oldbury Power Station.
6.2 When sailing past Oldbury Power Station between a mark to the South West of it and a mark to the North East (and vice versa) then all yachts must pass the "Counts" mark so as to sail between it and the Welsh shore.
6.3 All competitors must keep clear of all commercial shipping.
7 Starting
7.0 Shore based starting line
  Unless indicated otherwise on the official notice board the shore based starting line will be an extension of a line passing through the flag mast on the Race Officer's starting box and a post placed on the foreshore. There will be an outer limit mark which boats are required to pass inside. The outer limit mark need not be on the starting line
7.1 Committee boat starting line
  In the event of a committee boat start, the start line will be between the mast of the committee boat and a marker buoy. The committee boat will fly an orange flag on the mast being used for the start line when on station.
8 Class Flags
    C- Cruiser Fleet
  D - Catamaran Fleet & Fast Handicap
  H - Slow Handicap Fleet
  Y - YW Dayboat Fleet
9 Finishing
9.0 Shore Finishing Line will be through a line from the flag mast on the Race Officer's starting box and the outer limit mark, unless stated otherwise on the official notice board.
9.1 If a committee boat finish is being used it will be between the committee boat mast and a mark on the course. The committee boat will fly a blue flag on the mast being used for the finish line when on station.
9.2 Shortening course
  When flag 'S' is flown from the race officer's starting box then all boats parsing through the finish line after the flag has been raised will be deemed to have finished. If flag 'S' is flown from a committee boat alongside a mark of the course then each boat passing through the line between the committee boat and the mark will be deemed to have finished. If flag 'S' is flown above a class flag then the race is being shortened for that class only.
9.3 Time Limit
  When two races are being sailed consecutively the time limit will be 90 minutes for each race. If one race is being sailed the time limit will be 150. These time limits will be extended to include any boat finishing within 30 minutes of the leading boats finish time. These time limits do not apply to cruiser races that do not start and finish at Oldbury during the normal sailing period.
10 Declaration
  Competitors must sign a declaration if they have retired, otherwise they will be deemed to have declared that they have finished the race and complied with all the rules.
11 Scoring
11.0 Scoring will be done in accordance with Apendix A using the "long series" method as described in A9
11.1 One race will be discarded for every three races sailed except for:-
Long distance series - No discards
11.2 Duty points will be awarded for people performing Race Officer, Safety boat or galley duties. To claim duty points the person must sign on the race sheet signing the declaration indicating which duty they performed. Duty points may only be claimed for one race series for any duty. Duty points will be scored equal to the average score for all races entered by that competitor in the series they are claiming duty points for.