The first time you login you will not have to register, but you will have to find out your Username and request a password. We have generally used the Dutyman usernames, but there were a couple of exceptions, so it would be best to follow these instructions: Select "Forgot Login" in the Login Section and request a Login reminder. Enter your email address and press "Send username" and you will receive an email containing your username. We have used the email addresses stores in Dutyman, so if you don't have a dutyman login yet, then you wont have a website login yet. You will need to email the website contact on the Contacts page and we will sort something out. If the name which comes back in the email isn't yours, and you are sharing an email address with someone else on Dutyman, then get a new email address and email the website contact to get your own login. When you have your correct username select "Lost Password" and enter both the Username you were sent AND your Email Address and you will be sent a new password. To change your password to something more memorable: Select "your Profile" on the main menu. Then select "Edit" and "Edit your Profile". In here you can enter a new password. Enter it twice then select "Update" at the bottom. Good Luck!