I, Tim Parkinson, initiated the 2013 challenge in early 2013 to encourage those TSC dinghy sailors up for something more challenging than sailing round the cans. Dinghy cruising enthusiasts were equally encouraged to participate.

 Basically the idea was to see how many of the numerous pills identified on the Admiralty Chart from Avonmouth to Sharpness & Hock Cliff can be reached over the top of a tide and return cleanly to the slip or mooring as applicable.

To date (Jan 2018) eleven pills have been achieved according to the criteria above. The main ones still remaining are Bullo, Frampton and Hunger(in mouth of the Wye) pills. Two boats have reached Bullo but one could not get in due to the strength of the tide and the other did get in but could not land cleanly on return to Oldbury

Clearly, this challenge does not appeal to many people but the pills still remain to be achieved

From experience I find it is usually a last minute decision whether to go for one of the more extreme pills so if anyone would like to join in on one such please contact me using the link below and I'll try to keep you in the picture.

So, lets knock them off in 2018!

To view all the Pills and for viewing and recording trips and any photos go here: Pills database

If you want to contact me directly use this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jan 2018